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To them who are poor and needy!!!

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(Regn. No.293/4/1830)

Charitable Trust, New Delhi, India.


Hello Everyone… This is a brief but important information about a TRUST called as “SOCIAL UPLIFTMENT & LIFE SUPPORT FOUNDATION" (Regn. No.: 293/4/1830), charitable Trust, New Delhi, India,in short SULS Foundation, which has been registered by the Sub Registrar-NORTH WEST DELHI on 27th August 2013, (Regn. No.: 293/4/1830) “293 in Book No.4, Vol. No. 1830”, with the pure aim of honestly helping the poor and needy people. The base of this TRUST is “HUMANITY COMES FIRST”.

Presently we are working towards Women in distress, against Child Labour, helping Senior Citizens, Child Education & for the “Rarest Of The Rare Medical Case Of Jaundice In The World”, Who is seeking help for LIVER TRANSPLANT, etc.

Although we are a very new “TRUST” with only two Managing Trustees as whole sole care takers cum service providers to any genuine person in need, yet we are determined & strongly believe that by the Grace Of GOD, very soon we will be accompanied by such generous people with Golden Heart for such a Noble Cause & who help us achieving Our DREAM of “Food, Clothesing, Education & Shelter For Everyone !!!“

We are a team of two managing trustees:-
1. Sneh Lata Singh
2. Satinder

Social Activities

  • Warm clothes donated

    Clothes donated to the people near by temples.
  • Eatables Donated

    Food items and essentials goods donated
  • Clothes Donated

    Clothes donated to the poor people standing outside the temples.
  • Books Donation

    Huge amount of books are given to the students in the rural area, in Rohini, New Delhi.
  • Support

    Support to a girl, who is in need of help for liver transplant.
  • Donation of Clothes

    Donation of clothes to the ladies in need.
  • Support to Special Child

    A special girl has been supported.
  • Books & Stationary distribution

    Lots of students are awarded with the old books for the good future.
  • Support to blind students

    Support to blind students through donation of stationaries
  • Support to blind students

    Supported blind students for the bright future
  • Books and Copies Distributed

    Students from the rural areas are distributed books and copies
  • Books and Copies Distributed

    Students from the rural areas are distributed books and copies
  • Old Chairs

    Donated old chairs to the needy areas - for students.
  • Support

    Needy Children
  • Support blind

    Supported to the blind students
  • Cheque donated for needy students

    Cheque donated to BRILLIANT'S CONVENT SCHOOL, Pushpanjali, Pitampura, New Delhi.