Ritiarya Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. is one of the first agricultural collateral management companies incepted in India over a decade ago.
As the undoubted leader in the Indian Agro sector, Ritiarya Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. has for almost decade, dedicated itself to provide end to end Agro solutions to farmers and the Agro sector across the country. Indian Commodities is working with different financial institutes and agricultural clients to give them professional warehousing solutions and collateral management services. Our Vision "To eradicate agri-produce wastage from India."
The agribusiness sector is characterized by multi layered channels on the Agricultural Input and Output side, poor quality of information and analysis about Demand, Supply, Prices, Market Trends for various agri-commodities. The promoters of this organization, coming from an Agricultural background felt the need to address these anomalies in this sector and therefore have come together to create a professional team and an organization to deliver value to the participants at all the levels in this sector.
The Company primarily aims at filling out the information and communication gap that exists in various sub-sectors of the Agricultural Economy in general and Agricultural Commodities trade in particular. For achieving this, the Company is making use of the latest developments in information technology. The ultimate objective of the Company is to reach the highest level of sophistication in the Agribusiness sector so as to achieve a perfect flow of information, analyses, communication and e-commerce.
The specific objectives of the Company are as follows:
Information-enable various participants in the Agribusiness sector such as the farmers, Traders, Processors of Agricultural Outputs, Suppliers of Agricultural Inputs etc. by providing latest and accurate information.
Provide valuable analyses to the trade participants that will enhance their decision taking abilities in trade.


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