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Edible oils
TEdible simply means Things that are fit to be eaten, especially by humans. The word Edible is taken from the Latin language word edibilis.
Examples: Cooking oil, Vegetable oil etc
Non-edible oils
Non-Edible is just opposite of edible i.e. things that are harmful for eating .
Non-edible tree borne oilseeds (TBOs) of karanja, Jatropha , Mahua and Neem are being considered as the source of straight vegetable oil (SVO) and biodiesel .
Fatty Acids
According to Biochemistry, a fatty acid is a carboxylic acid with a long aliphatic tail (chain), which is either saturated or unsaturated. Essential fatty acids, or EFAs, are acids beneficial for humans and other animals. They must ingest theses acids as body requires them for good health.
Spent Earth
Spent Earth or Spent Bleaching Earth is a solid waste material used as a bleaching agent to reduce the color of the oil. It increases absorption capacity of process by 05% as it contains Bleaching Earths like Bentonite or Montmorillonite.